We understand that downtime and excessive costs for maintenance have a massive impact on yearly bottom lines. For this reason, our maintenance department is our most robust service.  

With experience spanning decades, our dedicated crew of professionals has seen it all. Rental property maintenance is unique in comparison to various other subsets of property maintenance. We are not operating on an unlimited budget. Our fiduciary duty to our client requires we do everything we can to eliminate wasteful expenses. Any investor who has owned a rental understands this concept. Our crews are also keenly aware of this and will do everything possible to reduce the costs whenever possible. These skills have been refined after nearly two decades of extreme success in a very challenging Milwaukee metro market. 

It has been said that it’s not what you know but who you know. We decided we wanted both. Our knowledge is extensive, but our strengths are amplified even further by the extended list of professionals we have available to us. 

For the out-of-state investor, these contacts are invaluable. How better to reduce costs than to be able to work with the most cost-effective, consummate professionals that this market can offer? We have an answer prepared for every problem. Much is owed to our growing list of laborers eager to work with us. 


Cost-effective, in many investors’ eyes, means unskilled and cheap. This is not the case for us. We have discovered a balance between price and effectiveness, which has pleased our investors. Our full-time maintenance pros take pride in every job they do. They intend to leave every job site better than they found it. This, in turn, increases the overall quality of all our units under management and produces a happier tenant and owner alike.   

Speed is a component that many managers get wrong. Speed the most crucial element of the chain. A well-done job that takes months is of no use to any investor who aspires to be successful in this market. Delays with repairs upset tenants and lead to units sitting unoccupied for too long. Margins are thin, meaning speed is of the essence, more so than in recent memory.  

With that in mind, we elected to bring on a co-owner with an extensive maintenance background under one roof so all work orders and rehab is completed as quickly as possible. This has increased our investor’s ROI and led to a maintenance culture in our office that is unmatched among our competitors. 

Response Time

Response time is critical for our operation. Handling situations quickly and effectively is one of the components that sets us apart from our competitors. 

Work Order Executed In One Week
Work Order Response In 24 Hours
Rent Ready Reset In 15 Days
Rent Ready Reset In 30 Days