Jason Scott Realty & Management, LLC

About Us

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18 Years of Experience

Investing in real estate is a marathon. Our performance has stood the test of time. 


From our pricing structure to our maintenance. Efficiency is our focus throughout our entire process. 


We cannot predict the future, but we know our past. Consistent returns year over year is how we do business. 


Our background includes thousands of units bought, sold, and managed. We know the market, what it takes to succeed, and how our peers have failed. It is no mistake that we remain year after year. 


Since 2004 we have been a full-service real estate firm. Our proficiencies extend across the wide range of real estate Southeastern Wisconsin offers. Our experts have seen everything from residential single-family homes to multi-family apartment complexes.


Over 2,000+ properties sold over the last 18 years. 80% of our sales originate from our exclusive team of experts. We have primarily focused on the sale of REO properties as well as other forms of investment properties. Our broad list of returning clients, from Milwaukee County to a host of banks and credit unions, is a testament to our success. Our experts consistently prove why we are the top choice for real estate professionals across the country.

Property Management

Over the years, we have split our time between sales and property management. We have been successful enough to branch off our property management division TWICE, leaving only the sales division for a brief period. With the reintroduction of our property management division, we are applying the same principles that brought us success in the past to a volatile market ahead. In times like these, where time and money come at a premium, we execute at the highest level to ensure our clients are protected.  


We have extensive experience executing rehabs from the studs to the finishing touches. We know how to maximize your money and remain within specific constraints. Minimizing downtime with tenant turnover is critical to maximizing any rental property’s performance; as property owners, we understand this and have the pathways in place to eliminate delays and unlock the potential of our client’s investments.